Blazing Star Eureka Lodge #11
Blazing Star Eureka Lodge #11

A Brief History of Blazing Star Eureka Lodge




                Freemasonry has been in our state for some time. St. Johns Lodge #1 out of Portsmouth was constituted in 1736; it is even older than our Grand Lodge, which had its first communication on July 16, 1789. In Concord, though, on February 13, 1799, at a special communication of the Grand Lodge of New Hampshire held at Portsmouth, a petition was presented asking that Blazing Star Lodge be erected and constituted. The cost was $18.00.

                The charter members of Blazing Star Lodge were Isaac de La Mather, Daniel Warner, David McCrillis, Michael McClary, Moses Sweatt, Jacob Martin, Benjamin Gale, Robert B. Wilkins, and Moses Lewis.

                On May 6, 1799, Blazing Star was constituted, consecrated, and the officers were dully installed. The Lodge was called to labor at 5:30 a.m. The Most Worshipful Grand Master, accompanied by his suite, were present to install the officers. After marching to the meeting house, where they listened to Reverend Brother Richards of Portsmouth, they adjourned to Brother Gales’ where they had dinner.

                The first meeting was held at Union Hall at the Inn of Benjamin Gale on May 6, 1799. Daniel Warner and Andrew Bowers were our first two Worshipful Masters who sat in the East in that first year.

                In 1808, the Lodge voted to build a Hall over what was then The Concord Bank, on the second floor referred to as Mason’s Hall. We then moved in 1858 to 49 North Main Street where the Princess Shop is.

                The early By-Laws had us meeting on the third Monday of each month, opened from 4-7 p.m. later it was changed to 2-7 p.m. The dues were $1.50 paid quarterly.

                In 1824, the Lodge voted not to let the hall to any person who may practice legerdemain or sleight of hand, or who wished to make any theatrical exhibition there.

                A year later, in 1825, the Lodge voted “That ardent spirits are not considered a necessary article of refreshment, and that the Stewards shall not be required to provide it unless specially ordered by the Lodge.”

                During the years 1826 through 1845, we experienced a period referred to as “years of declension in Masonry.” This was primarily brought on by the “Morgan Troubles,” or as we refer to it today, “The Morgan Affair.” Although some of the Lodges closed their work and surrendered their charters, Blazing Star Lodge decided to stay the course. Our faithful Brothers maintained their organization and waited for anger and prejudice to give way to reason. Within the next decade, Masons dared openly to defend the institution and assemble to practice their ceremonies. Blazing Star-Eureka Lodge is the third oldest continual meeting Lodge in this state.

                In 1857, as stated earlier, after outgrowing our Masonic quarters, it was decided to build a hall on the corner of Main and Pleasant Streets. In January of 1858, Blazing Star Lodge accepted a proposition from Robert N. Corning (Conductor on the Concord Railroad, and in 1861 was appointed postmaster of Concord by President Lincoln, which position he occupied until his death on June 13, 1866. He was father of Judge Charles R. Corning, and their home was at the corner of Pleasant and Green Streets). His proposition was to erect a building at the corner of Main and Pleasant Streets, with apartments therein for Masonic purposes. The cornerstone of the building was laid on July 5, 1858, In which were deposited in a metal box printed copies of Masonic proceedings, proceedings of various religious bodies, news papers of the city, code of “Blue Law,” and various coins of ancient date, etc. The new apartments were dedicated January 19, 1859 by the Grand Officers of the state, and served as headquarters for Blazing Star Lodge until it moved to 44B South Main Street in 1926.

                In 1859, report of the District Deputy Grand Master, Edward H. Rollins, later a United States Senator, and the father of Governor Fran Rollins, who was raised in Eureka Lodge on February 15, 1884 and was our Governor from 1899 through 1901, brought forth a petition to charter a new Lodge in Concord. The petitioners were John Dame, George H. Emery, Charles C. Clement, James B. Gove, Thomas L. Tullock, Allen Tenney, Abel Hutchins, Edward Dow, and Luther W. Nichols, Jr. On June 13, 1860, the first mention of Eureka Lodge was brought forth to Grand Lodge. The charter was granted to John Dame, the Lodge’s first Worshipful Master in 1860, and the other petitioners. The Lodge would be known as Eureka Lodge #70. John Dame was a blacksmith who on February 5, 1863 would demit.

                Worshipful Grand Master Aaron P. Hughes constituted and consecrated Eureka Lodge #70 on the 16th day of July, 1860 and installed its first officers. Horace Chase, a member of Blazing Star, was the Grand Secretary present.

                The meetings were to be held on the first Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m. from March through September, and at 7:00 p.m. from October through February. On November 7, 1918, this would change to the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m. The Lodge would be in darkness during the months of July and August. The Annual would be held in February.

                Frank Coffin would be the first member to be raised and sign the By-Laws in the Lodge in 1860. He had affiliated from Blazing Star Lodge on November 3, 1860; however, he did not become a member of the Lodge until January 3, 1861, it being necessary that those who had received all three degrees must still be voted upon for membership before signing the By-Laws. During the first year of existence 17 members were made.

                The fee for membership was $3.00. The yearly dues were $1.00. In 1996, the dues would be $38.00.

                The order of business would be as follows: Reading of the minutes, unfinished business, report of the committees, balloting, reception of petitions, new business, and finally work.

                During the Civil War, 14 of our members from Eureka Lodge participated in battle. Here are a few our brethren who participated: Eunoch W. Goffs, who was commissioned as a 1st Lieutenant on September 22, 1862, was promoted to Captain on December 30, 1862, and killed in action on October 27, 1864; Thomas Little, who volunteered on May 13, 1861, saw action at the First Bull Run, Siege of York Town, Williamsburg, Second Bull Run, and was discharged on July 30, 1863; Henry McFarland who was a pay master: and Daniel Eldridge who joined as a volunteer on August 2, 1861 who was first a Corporal, then a Sergeant, a Second Lieutenant, then a First Lieutenant, and was engaged in several battles, was severely wounded by a gall passing through his left arm into his breast pocket, penetrating a pocket book and stopping against his Masonic Diploma.

                Eureka Lodge had huge growth following the Civil War during its first decade. We saw 182 applications received but 37 rejections. Most of the men who joined were stone cutters, masons, merchants, clerks, railroad workers, and a few ministers and priests.

                In 1876, The Concord Masonic Association including Blazing Star and Eureka Lodges, Trinity Royal Arch Chapter, Horace Chase Council, Mt. Horeb Commandry, and the Scottish Rite Association was formed.

                On March 27, 1879, the first Public Joint Installation, under a dispensation from The Grand Lodge, in which the Worshipful Grand Master installed the officers elect of Eureka and Blazing Star Lodges in due form in the presence of a large number of Masons, their families and friends (who were present by invitation) took place.

                During the 1880’s, it appears Eureka Lodge made good progress. It started the decade with eighty-nine members and ended with one hundred forty, for a net gain of fifty-one.

                The period from 1890 through the early years of the twentieth century showed steady progress of Eureka Lodge. Minutes of the Stated Meetings show numerous requests from other Lodges requesting aid and the dispensing of Charity among its own members, their widows and orphans and the general discussions pertaining changes in the By-Laws; also, plans for a new Temple.

                The first joint communication of which there is any record occurred on March 13, 1901 between Blazing Star and Eureka Lodge. It was held for the purpose of receiving a visitation of the Grand Officers of the 4th Masonic District, during which the Master Mason Degree was exemplified with Eureka Lodge working the First Section and Blazing Star the Second.

                In 1902, Blazing Star voted to present candidates for the Degrees of Freemasonry with a white leathern apron, a custom we still follow today.

                In 1906, after the San Francisco earthquake, the Lodge sent a contribution to our brethren in distress in California, but the records show that a few years later a small part of the sum for some unknown reason was returned to the Lodge.

                In 1910, Eureka Lodge showed a membership total of 213.

                In 1912, Blazing Star Lodge amended its By-Laws changing the date of the Stated Communication from the third Monday to the first Wednesday of the month at 7:30 p.m.

                The first occasion when an outside Lodge had worked in Blazing Star Lodge as a team was on April 16, 1913 when Lafayette Lodge #41 of Manchester exemplified the Fellow Craft Degree. It is interesting to note, though, during the autumn of the same year, on four successive months, first the Junior Wardens of the 4th Masonic District worked the Entered Apprentice Degree, then the Senior Wardens worked the Fellow Craft Degree, then in turn the Masters and the Past Masters each worked the Master Mason Degree. On each occasion there were present a large and appreciative audience.

                In March of 1914 our Lodges had a joint installation. The elected officers of Eureka and Blazing Star Lodges were duly installed by Right Worshipful Harry Leighton of Concord. Also during 1914, an amendment was adopted to purchase and present a Jewel to each Past Master.

                On March 25, 1915, Erville H. Smith, A Past Master of Blazing Star Lodge and long time Secretary of Blazing Star and Blazing Star-Eureka Lodge, and who our present lodge at 53 Iron Works Road in Concord was dedicated to was born.

                In 1917 an amendment was adopted by Blazing Star requesting advance payment of dues. While the United States was engaged in World War I, the Master was authorized to send Christmas gifts to our brethren in the service over-seas. The Lodge adopted a Food Conservation Program of the request of the Federal Food Administration, and the Master was given power to act in regard to a War Savings Program. A war memorial committee consisting of the Master and Wardens was appointed to serve on the city memorial committee.

                As of 1949, on February 5, 1919, a record was established which was since equaled but never exceeded when 9 petitions for the Degrees of Freemasonry were received in Blazing Star Lodge.

                For Eureka Lodge, following World War I, times were just as prosperous during the 1920’s. During this ten year period, 86 members were added to the rolls.

                In 1921, the Anchor Club of Boston worked the Master Mason Degree and presented Blazing Star with a beautiful gavel. Shortly after, a team from the State Highway Department worked the Master Mason Degree.

                In 1922, Blazing Star Lodge was represented at the laying of the corner stone of the George Washington Masonic Memorial at Alexandria, VA.

                On February 13, 1924, Blazing Star Lodge’s 125th Anniversary was observed. Brother Walter C. Myers gave a long talk on Masonry and the history of the Lodge. Remarks were made by the Worshipful Master and Grand Secretary, and the Temple Quartet furnished music with Brother Alexander Lamb as organist. 13 members were present who were at the 100th anniversary and bouquets of roses were presented to the two oldest members. Also during this year, Blazing Star voted to give permission for a Chapter of DeMolay to have use of the Masonic apartments to do Degree work; a few months later the Lodge voted to allow The Order of Rainbow for girls to hold meetings in the Masonic Hall.

                In 1925, a Special Communication was called on Saturday afternoon on May 9th to lay the corner stone of Bektash Temple. Later that month on May 25th, Eureka and Blazing Star Lodge and other Masonic bodies acted as an escort to the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of New Hampshire at the laying of the cornerstone of the new Masonic Temple in Concord.

                In 1926 both Lodges moved to 44B South Main Street where the Capital Center for the Arts is located.

                On the afternoon of Wednesday May 11, 1927, at a Special Communication involving Blazing Star and Eureka Lodges, the Grand Lodge Officers of New Hampshire were received and the Most Worshipful Grand Master proceeded to dedicate our new Masonic Temple.

                In 1934, Blazing Star voted to honor 50 year members by presenting them with an engraved certificate from the Lodge, in addition to the 50 year medals which were bestowed by the Grand Lodge. “Ladies Night” was also adopted during this year when Blazing Star and Eureka Lodges held a joint entertainment to which the wives of the brethren were invited.

                In 1937, Legislative Night was held for the first time. Most Worshipful Allen M. Wilson, P.G.M. acting as Worshipful Master and members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives and Senate making up the team exemplified the Master Mason Degree to an audience of nearly 400.

                The 1930’s, found Eureka Lodge struggling to maintain its membership through the Great Depression. Although the By-laws were changed lowering the fees for admission, applicants were few, demits were numerous and of necessity there were some suspensions. The membership slipped back to a low of 237. In 1938, however, there was no lack of interest in the Lodge. There were several fraternal visits to other Lodges, many joint meetings with Blazing Star in observing Past Master’s Nights and District Master’s Nights.

                On December 12, 1935, Eureka Lodge observed its 75th anniversary at a Stated Communication.

                The year 1941 saw the outbreak of World War II and again we find the members of Eureka Lodge answered the call to arms. There were a total of 39 Brethren who served. All returned safely. Following the close of the War there were again many applications and by 1950 Eureka Lodge’s membership had reached 340.

                On August 3, 1951, Past Master Richard Edson Melvin was born and was raised on November 3, 1974.

                On November 6, 1952, a Semi-Public recognition of the 200th anniversary of the date George Washington entered Masonry was attended by members of Blazing Star Lodge #11, Eureka Lodge #70 and Horace Chase Lodge #72. 200 Masons and their families and friends attended services at St. Paul’s Church in Concord, New Hampshire. The original Peale Portrait of George Washington was on display in the church loaned for the occasion by St. Paul’s School.

                On December 16, 1954, on the occasion of the visitation of the District Deputy Grand Lodge Officers to Eureka Lodge, Most Worshipful Grand Master Walter E. Dunlap, accompanied by several other Grand Lodge Officers, was also an honored guest. At this time he presented the Jeremy L. Cross Medal to Brother Ernest L. Bunker, in token of his long and faithful service to Eureka Lodge and to Masonry. Most Worshipful Brother Dunlap then asked Brother Bunker to assume the East whereupon he made him an Honorary Past Master of Eureka Lodge. Brother Bunker Served Eureka Lodge as Tyler from 1938 until his death in 1955.

                In 1962, the old hall at Main and Pleasant Streets was destroyed by fire; but, from the ashes, the cornerstone and its metal box were recovered and the contents are now stored in the archives of the Lodge.

                On June 6, 1963, Past Masters Night, a Lodge of Fellow Crafts was opened for the examination of two candidates. A ham supper was served by Epiphany Chapter of Order of Eastern Star. A Lodge of Master Masons was then opened and Past Masters Aprons were presented to Eureka Lodge Past Masters. The work of the evening was the exemplification of the Master Mason Degree by the Past Masters of Eureka Lodge. 22 living Past Masters from Ralph H. George (1924) to Robert L. Fickett (1961) were present.

                April 3, 1969, the presenter of this paper, Brother Troy Patoine, was born in Concord, New Hampshire.

                On November 4, 1976, a Table Lodge was held at the Temple Banquet Hall by a Special Dispensation of Most Worshipful Grand Master Paul D. Talbert which honored 70 year member Roy E. Marston (raised May 31, 1906), 62 year member George A. Merrick (raised December 17, 1914), 60 year member Caroll A. Hastings (raised September 4, 1916), and 60 year member Clarke E. Pettingill (raised October 19, 1916). The menu consisted of tomato juice, fruit cocktail with sherbet, fish, clam and corn chowder, Greek sausage with party bread and dip, Greek salad with feta cheese, lamb shish ka bob with rice pilaf, Greek bread, baklava, coffee and cigars. The Barrel of Relief netted $45.00 for the Masonic Home Canteen Fund. The Senior Deacon present was Brother Richard Melvin and his father, the Chaplain, Right Worshipful Brother Winslow E. Melvin

                The Concord Masonic Association purchased our present quarters at 53 Iron Works Road in Concord, and on March 5, 1986, the first meeting at our new Temple at 53 Iron Works Road in Concord, New Hampshire was held for Eureka Lodge.

                On Sunday, October 25th, 1998, a surprise testimonial for the Secretary took place at the Lake Shore Farm in Northwood for Winston Blake.

                During the nineties and into the next century, participation in Eureka Lodge diminished to a point where officers were swapping from chair to chair with hardly any new members filling in. Eventually measures had to be taken.

                By a vote of Grand Lodge on May 22, 2004, Blazing Star Lodge # 11 and Eureka Lodge #70 merged. The new Lodge would be known as Blazing Star-Eureka Lodge #11. Worshipful Alan D. Lugg would be Eureka Lodge’s last Worshipful Master. Worshipful Mark S. Hays would become the first Master of the combined Lodges in 2005.

                On March 31, 2011, Past Master and long time Secretary Brother Erville Hayes Smith left us made his journey to the Celestial Lodge above.

                On March 31, 2012, Blazing Star-Eureka’s Lodge was formally dedicated in the name of our esteemed and loved brother, Erville H. Smith.

                Through the years, no matter where we have resided, no matter what wars and conflicts we have had to endure, no matter what changes we have had to adapt to, we have always been and will always be a Lodge dedicated to friendship, morality, and truth; brotherly love and affection; and being good men who will always be there to help each other be better while focusing on God, our country, our neighbor and ourselves.





Daniel Warner                   May 6, 1799                                        Andrew Bowers                               June 17, 1799

David McCrillis                   June 16, 1800                                     John Odlin                           June 15, 1801

Andrew Bowers                               June 21, 1802                                     John Harris                          December 19, 1803

Sherburn Wiggin              December 17, 1804                         John Harris                          December 16, 1805

Aquila Davis                        December 15, 1806                         Peter C. Farnum               December 21, 1807

Joshua Darling                   December 19, 1808                         John Harris                          December 18, 1809

Abel Hutchins                    December 17, 1810                         Joshua Hastings                                December 18, 1811

Zadok Howe                       December 21, 1812                         John Odlin                           December 7, 1813

John Harris                          December 20, 1814                         Stephen Blanchard          December 12, 1815

Timothy Chandler            April 29, 1817                                     Abner Jones                       May 4, 1819

Daniel Chase                      April 30, 1822                                     Jeremiah Prichard            April 26, 1825

Hosea Fessenden            May 8, 1827                                        Thomas Waterman         April 13, 1829

Ebenezer S. Towle           May 3, 1830                                        Issac Eastman                    April 22, 1834

Daniel Chase                      April 22, 1845                                     Chase Hill                             April 28, 1846

Horace Chase                    April 28, 1847                                     Hosea Fessenden            April 12, 1848

Chase Hill                             April 24, 1850                                     Thompson Barron            April 9, 1851

John Moore                       April 28, 1852                                     Amos B. Currier                                April 25, 1855

Edward H. Rollins             April 16, 1856                                     Abel Hutchins                    May 6, 1857

Lyman A. Walker              April 21, 1857                                     Gilbert H. Seavey             April 20, 1864

Joseph W. Robinson       April 28, 1866                                     John Harris                          May 20, 1868

Samuel F. Morrill              May 23, 1870                                      Horace A. Brown              February 27, 1872

William A. Clough             May 16, 1876                                      John F. Webster               May 21, 1878

Reuben A. Gerry              March 30, 1880                                  Frank L. Sanders               April 12, 1882

Silvester P. Danforth      April 9, 1884                                        Frank G. Edgerly               April 14, 1886

Martin E. Young                                April 18, 1888                                     Henry O. Adams               April 2, 1890

Charles S. Parker              April 22, 1891                                     William I. Leighton           April 12, 1893

Ethan W. Spencer            May 27, 1895                                      Fred E. French                   April 1, 1897

William H. Durant             April 11, 1900                                     George W. Woodward  April 4, 1901

Charles H. Wiggen           April 2, 1902                                        Chancy Adams                  April 13, 1904

Frederick L. RichardsonApril 11, 1906                                     George D. McCauley      April 8, 1908

Frank J. Moreau                               April 14, 1910                                     Harry R. Sturm                   April 10, 1912

Charles A. McIntire         March 26, 1914                                  Stanley W. James             March 23, 1916

Fred O. Libbey                   March 21, 1918                                  Walter W. Whitehouse  March 21, 1919

Lester W. Woods             March 17, 1921                                  Fred C. Crowell                 March 29, 1923

Joseph S. Matthews       March 25, 1925                                  Clarence O. Philbrick       March 25, 1926

George A. Ledward         March 29, 1928                                  Percy Downes                   March 27, 1930

Winfield J. Phillips            March 24, 1932                                  Lloyd R. Virgin                    March 15, 1934

Walter E. Dunlap*            March 25, 1936                                  Roscoe C. Gay                   March 9, 1938

Edward E. Beane              March 27, 1940                                  Leland P. Robinson          March 26, 1942

Lorne F. Lea                        May 22, 1944                                      George H. Wendelin       March 28, 1946

Matthew D. Hemphill     March 17, 1948                                  Herbert E. Kimball*         March 15, 1950

Richard Rush                      April 16, 1952                                     Melvin W. Chase              March 24, 1954

George E. Pearson          March 28, 1956                                  John S. Satterfield           March 4, 1958

Arthur W. Hicks                 April 23, 1960                                     James C. Johnson            March 28, 1962

F. Roger Strong**           May 22, 1963                                      Fletcher W. Ryley             February 26, 1964

Kenneth E. Davis              February 23, 1966                            Lester W. Holt                   February 21, 1968

David F. Carter                  February 21, 1970                            Richard C. Hart                  February 23, 1972

Shirley H. Sheppard        February 20, 1974                            Alvin R. Davis, Jr.              February 25, 1976                           

Robert L. Brown               February 27, 1977                            Erville H. Smith                  February 25, 1979

Robert M. Lee                   February 18, 1981                            Ronald H. MacFarlane    February 20, 1983

Larry C. Woods                  February 17, 1985                            Allen L. Isley                       February 15, 1987

Robert A. Bragg                                February 12, 1989                            Alan R. Grill                         February 10, 1991

Morgan L. Saltmarsh, Sr.               1993-94                                Alvin R. Davis, Jr.              1995-96

Alan R. Grill                         1997                                                       Robert A. Bragg                                1998

Thomas E. Ives                  1999-2000                                            Joel F. Randall                    2001-02

Thomas Hageman            2003-04                                                Mark S. Hayes                   2005




















John Dame                         1860                                                       Abel Hutchins                                    1861

Luther W. Nichols            1862-64                                                George P. Cleaves                           1865-67

Hall B. Rand                        1868                                                       Frank D. Woodbury                         1869

James T. Gordon              1870-71                                                Charles N. Towle                              1872-73

Edward Dow                      1874-75                                                Samuel C. Crockett                          1876

Darius Merrill                     1877-78                                                Frank. D. Woodbury*                     1879-80

George O. Dickerman    1881-82                                                Frank P. Mace                                   1883-84

Frank W. Smith                 1885                                                       Waldo A. Russell                               1886-87

Frank S. Streeter              1888                                                       Arthur C. Stewart                             1889-90

James C. Badger               1891-92                                                Frank P. Quimby                               1893

George W. Bunker          1894-95                                                Omer L. Shepard                              1896-97

Harley B. Roby                   1898-99                                                Charles F. Batchelder                     1900-01

George D. Waldron         1902                                                       Harry Leighton                                  1903-04

John Vannevar                  1905                                                       Eben M. Willis                                    1906

George L. Gordon            1907-08                                                George H. Rolfe                                                1909

Roy E. George                   1910                                                       Arthur E. Sturtevant                       1911-12

Samuel E. Powers            1913                                                       John Brooks                                       1914-15

John S. Otis                         1916-17                                                Frank W. Brown                                                1918-19

Arthur H. Chase                                1920                                                       Alfred A. Syms                                  1921

Edward H. Hardy              1922                                                       Arthur J. Boutwell                            1923

Earl F. Newton                  1924                                                       Ralph H. George                               1925

Paul H. Pearson                                1926                                                       Harold W. Greatorex                      1927

W. Ritchie Nichol              1928                                                       Charles J. Sawyer                             1929

Earl F. Boutwell                 1930                                                       Oscar C. Benson                               1931

John H. Engel                     1932-33                                                Harold W. Howe                               1934-35

Fritz H. Gustafson            1936                                                       John H. Noble                                    1937-38

Chester C. Larson             1939-40                                                Merton C. Buckminster                 1941-42

Edgar H. Larson                 1943-44                                                Martin F. Carlen                                1945-46

Winslow E. Melvin**      1947-48                                                Earl L. Kimball                                     1949-50

Kenneth B. Buckminster1951-52                                               Oliver L. Racine                                 1953-54

Kenneth H. Bassett         1955-56                                                Harvey B. Boutwell                          1957-58

A. Wesley Clement         1959-60                                                Robert L. Fickett                               1961-62

Mayland H. Morse, Jr.*1963-64                                                Lawrence P. Keyes                          1965-66

Carl G. C. Strand               1967-69                                                Thomas E. Edney                              1970-71

Robert W. Flanders         1972                                                       Winston L. Blake                               1973-74

Joseph B. Gelb                  1975-76                                                William H. Moulton                         1977-78

Richard E. Melvin             1979-80                                                Leo F. Demag, Jr.                              1981-82

Brent W. Washburn        1983-84                                                Alan D. Lugg                                       1985-86

Roger E. Tasker                 1987-88                                                Charles W. Welch                             1989-91

Everett Tasker                   1992                                                       Gary D. Nylen                                    1993-94

Mark L. Kilminster            1995-96                                                Richard E. Prospere                         1997-98

John H. Temchack            1999-2000                                            Charles W. Welch                             2001

Alan D. Lugg                       2002                                                       Raymond N. DeCourse                  2003

Alan D. Lugg                       2004-05







Mark S. Hayes                   2005-06                                                James N. Gillette                              2007-08

Mark S. Hayes                   2009                                                       Michael J. Hayes                               2010-11

Mark S. Hayes                   2012























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